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The section on Food Preps also covers the nutritional basics of your preps for one year, but I wanted to Include a Few Prepper Food Lists that I have come across and will update as i stumble upon new ones

If you’re just starting out you want to tackle your 3 month supply first, the numbers sound daunting at first, especially for we who live on budgets and pinch those pennies!

The following Prepper Food Lists are in Excel or PDF format you will need those programs to download and Read. They are Free, distribute them!

3 Month

  • This is a Blank slate so you can monitor what you have, and plan meals based on what you have stored so as to make a emergency enjoyable and not “roughing it” the whole time! 3monthfoodsupply-01
  • An excellent PDF from the Mormon Church on how to obtain a 3 month supply in 12 weeks, very easy, gives you what you will eat for that meal and what you will need to buy for it. SImple, Easy DONE! 3monthsupplyoffoodschedule-01

6 Month

  • A great list that has the basics on it where you can input the quantity on hand that you have as well as the unit cost, and see how much you have as well as how much you have spent.  This Prepper list also shows the amount needed as well as the share per 1 adult per week.  6 month food storage plan

     1 Year List’s

  • Good overall simple Prepper list,  very basic with some nutritional facts.   foodstorage1year
  • Quick reference guide Prepper Food List from week one on to build a Year supply in six months.  Six month guide
  • Mormon Food Guide for Males and Females separated into categories from 06-, 7-11, 12+.   Mormon 1 year storage min
  • Pretty neat Prepper list that you input the numbers of people in your family/group whether infants or adults and you input the codes produced and shows quantities that you need to purchase, very extensive and interactive.  The Ultimate Food Storage Worksheet Version1-1
  • Decently extensive Prepper list of food and other things you would need.  SHTF LIST empty
  • Very extensive “Prepper Shopping List” as if you were going to the store to buy everything that you need, separate by “aisle”.   shopping_list
  • Somewhat of a confusing, but extensive Prepper list from food to pipe fittings.  Provisions
  • The SURVIVALBLOG.COM Prepper “List of List’s”  About the most extensive list you could EVER imagine.  listoflists
  • Overall Prepper List not any “numbers” just items and why they should be had, for use, barter, charity, etc. familyfoodstorage-01
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