Episode 4: Obamacare, Debt and where the Country is heading

With the Supreme Court decision upholding the individual mandate as a tax, there are many questions that are raised for the future of our liberty and freedom in our country.

The main point with this decision is not that Chief Justice John Roberts showed his true colors and followed the path of compromise to appease the public’s view of the court, but

the precedent set, the “stare decisis” as it is called in the legal system.

The highest court in the land has now decided that as long as it is a “tax” a citizen can be forced to do anything that is legislated that way.


**UPDATE** (7-5-12)- In the Podcast I mention how the Majority justices went out of their way to make it a “tax” so that it would be legal even though the Administration didnt’ put it forward as so.  Upon further examination of the arguments before the court, I found that this was still somewhat the case, however the Solicitor General did play a two faced game when presenting the governments case before the court.  During examination he would refer to it both as a “tax” and a “penalty” sometimes in the same breath, and this brought much confusion to the justices, but it was the legalise that made this decision possible.  The solicitor general would call it a penalty, and a tax so they can have it “ok’d” as a “tax” but still say its not a “tax” but a “penalty” to the public, so that they can wriggle out of any accusations that they just imposed the largest tax increase in American history.


Our country holds a debt of over 16 trillion dollars and that is just federal debt.

I made an error when i spoke of 50 trillion dollars in municipal, federal and state debt.

The numbers are actually

Social Security liability- 19 Trillion

Medicare Liability- 99 Trillion

Total Unfunded Liabilities- 144 Trillion

I was speaking of the unfunded liabilities as being 50 Trillion and they were fare worse than the numbers in my head.

I mentioned a post I wrote about the debt reaching 550 billion dollars (more than defense spending) by 2019.

With areas like Stockton and Providence on the brink of collapse, we are nearing the tipping point.


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  1. threelegraven says:

    The problem with the hysteria about Obamacare is that the people dont realize we are already paying for national healthcare… The only problem is we pay to the IRS and insurance companies and collection agencies etc. instead of directly to health care providers. I am in EMS and we transport and care for the poor, illegal etc already. Obamacare just cuts out half the middlemen. If you are too poor to pay your share you dont have to. There are a lot of bad things going on in this world but healthcare for the masses isnt one of them.

  2. Great Northern Prepper says:


    We are not paying for national healthcare, we are being overcharged for services to provide services to those who cant or wont pay for their own.

    Theres a difference between being charge $10 a tylenol to make up for 20 who walked off without paying and being charge masive amounts of new taxes and being FORCED by law to PURCHASE something against my will.

    Thats the hysteria, Im not up in a tizzy about helping out the less fortunate, I believe that we have a more and ethical imperative to help those in need. HOWEVER i dont believe this imperative should be made compulsory. Then it is not charity, it is not a good thing, it is forced altruism.

    Healthcare for the masses is not the issue…….
    Its the precedent that government has the RIGHT to FORCE you to buy something.
    Not say you cant buy this, or buy that (which is bs anyways)
    and not say YOU should buy this, or we will put regulations into place so you only have that choice available (which is bs anyways)


    Ever try and not pay the IRS?

    Obamacare does cut out the middleman, it consolidates power within the federal government over he WHOLE healthcare system. If you look how wonderfully social security, medicare, medicaid and other programs are managed, you should be more worried.

    Besides the question is never asked WHO should be paying for those who come to hospital and cant pay?

    Is it also morally and ethically wrong to take someone elses money without their consent to pay for someone else?

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