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I don’t wear glasses, I inherited my fathers excellent vision, so I don’t have first hand experience with glasses/contacts, however my mother, sister and wife all wear them so i have been around them for a long time and realize how IMPORTANT they are to daily life.

Everyone has different levels of vision, whereas some can get by pretty well without correction, others can barely function.

As a Prepper if your vision needs correction this should be one of your most important preps, since it will be very hard to grow food or defend yourself if you are unable to see close up or far away.

I searched throughout the internet and looked through local libraries to try and find ways to help you prepare, and I was able to come up with a few suggestions.



Zenni Optical is a great website that offers extremely cheap glasses, all you need is your prescription information, you choose the glasses you want, input all your information and it gives you a multitude of options to choose from, whether you want progressive lenses, bifocals, single vision, tinting, oil/finger resistant coatings, mirror finish, etc.  You can buy them for as cheap as $12-$30 a pair.

In my opinion as these are preps I would personally kick in for more durable scratch resistant coatings, but save on the “style” and get the cheapest ones.  Because for me….I don’t care how i look in a collapse situation, just that i could see and function, spend that money somewhere else.

You can buy multiple pairs, and put away 2,5,10 whatever you feel comfortable spending and know that you wont have to be in a situation where your glasses break and now you don’t know where you will be able to get another pair.  I couldn’t imagine how distressing that situation would be, and I never want YOU to have to face that.  If you cant see, having a couple AR’s, pistol and Shotgun wont do you much good (well maybe the shotgun at close range!) So maybe DONT buy that next weapon or solar array system, YOU are your best survival tool and you need yourself to be as close to 100% as you can.

There are a multitude of other discount eyeglass places around, however I heard about Zenni from Jack Spirko on The Survival Podcast, I trust his opinion on most things and I went there to look for some for my wife, they are reliable and offer a great product for the price.  If you know of any other good reliable discount places, please put them in the comments below.




Another site I came by was the Teotwawki Survival Vision System, which is expensive, but in my opinion worth the price.  For a lot of people, their vision changes over time, some people can get by with the same glasses for years or longer, while others need to change their prescription every year.  So you may have looked at the Zenni optical section and thought “That’s great, but my eyes change so much i have to get a new pair every year, year and a half, so what good will those be even if i get the glasses in the mail the day before the collapse and now its Collapse + day 500?”

Well that is what this vision system is for, Teotwawki Vision has worked closely with “sympathetic” Optometrist who hold the same views as us, and they came up with this very dynamic product. Which basically is customized to you and your individual vision needs and includes lenses that range from -1.0 to -5.5 on the diopter scale, 10 sets in .5 increments so you can change them as your vision changes over time.

Currently Package #1 runs at $999.99 (as of 1/10/13) and will be able to cover all your vision changes for the foreseeable future, it comes with 2 frames, frame screws, screwdriver and pelican case to hold all of them.  It does sound steep in price I know, but for your money….versus not being able to see correctly….In my humble opinion this is worth it, if you can afford it, In a true survival collapse scenario you will be able to change your prescription as you need it and wont need to worry about venturing out to MAYBE find someone who MIGHT be able to help you.




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  1. I did a writeup on Zenni Optical after ordering a pair. I got titanium frames (flexible, always return to their original shape), lenses, and a clip on pair of polarized sunglasses (skip those, they are not worth it) all for $33.80 shipped.

    That same week, I ordered a pair through my insurance, and they were lower quality frames, similar lenses..and my copay on materials was $35.00

    I’m pretty impressed from one order, and I’d try them again.
    You can read the rest of my review on them at

    Eventually, I want to have a pair of glasses for every room in the house, my EDC bag, each vehicle bag, and a few spares :)

    Should cost less than a pair of Oakleys…


    • Great Northern Prepper says:

      Glad to hear another person saying that they have decent quality glasses. One wouldnt expect the best available, but its a decent quality for a low price

  2. What price ranges do you want and did you want designer glasses sources as well?

    • Great Northern Prepper says:

      cheap, not looking to pay normal prices or the point would be moot, not looking for designer just plain jane just in case pairs to have around.

  3. clearsight says:

    Personally, I do wear prescription spectacles but that is not why I urgently recommend every prepper to possess the basic, non-prescription, plastic safety “factory visitor” glasses you can buy at a hardware outlet.

    They can be worn all day during SHTF, either over prescription glasses or by themselves.

    I think that goggles with a strap look too military and are thus not good OPSEC.

    At SHTF, an eye injury will be worse than many others eg broken ankle. Because the social trust a blind/partially-sighted person needs to get by will suddenly be in short supply.

    By contrast, a broken limb needs “only” a crutch/bandage/plaster cast and you can keep on using a weapon/being useful to your group to some extent if you can still see 100%.

    And depending on the type of SHTF, doctors in private practice or at hospitals will be overloaded/refugees/have no eye medicines.

    The reason for my choice is:
    At SHTF, the amount of unfamiliar manual labour/rescue work will shoot up. Those workers will be on a steep learning curve. So the risk of eye injury from glass/wood/metal chips; smoke; flying tarps or paracord edges, etc. will be high.

    So because vision is central to survival, a cheap pair of industrial hardware-store safety glasses with a certified ballistic rating (not military grade) is what I have.

    I extend this pre-SHTF logic to heat- and cut-resistant synthetic gloves and bump cap too, by the way.

  4. Great post. I highly recommend Zenni, but that TEOTWAWKI site looks like a huge rip off. I’m no expert, but I did run an eyeglass shop for a few years. People’s Rx’s do change, but it is usually a change in the magnification and, more importantly, a change in the axis correction for astigmatism. What that site is offering for $1k could be bought off the shelf at CVS/RiteAid for about $50. Going from +.25 to +.5, +.75, etc. is cheap at $5 per pair. They can’t predict how your astigmatism will shift over time though, and that is the biggest risk with shifting prescriptions in my opinion. Just my $.02, and please take with a grain or two of salt.

  5. Nicole Moody says:

    Have you ever tried no you’re not getting top of the line, but if you want extra glasses for after the SHTF you can stock up for 6.95 a pair. shipping is about the same.

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