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(This is the one I received)

I received a mix Multi-cam/Coyote Brown Paracord Belt from Ridgerunner with the 100% brass buckle. I then spent two weeks testing the belt for normal wear as well as more strenuous use in the field.  During the week I spend most of my day using a simple leather holster with a loaded Sig 1911 Match, which as you might know is a pretty heavy carry compared to the average glock 19 compact or similar weapon.  I was concerned with sagging, as with many of my normal store bought belts were no good, the leather sagged and my carry then was like a kid in a the bouncy room at chucky cheese.  With the ridge runner belt I never experienced that and it was very sturdy and I never experienced any sag with it.  When I went out into the wilderness I had my sidearm, and a few extra pouches holding my compass/gps, 2 spare mags and few other small items.  I took about a 3 mile trek, with a pack and the hike was a mix of walking as well as minor climbing etc.  I still never experienced any sag, there is always a bounce to the weapon when there extreme movement, such as running.  The only thing I have ever used that didn’t do it was using a belt in conjunction with a safariland holster, which is an open and not concealed carry.

Ridgerunner products uses Paracord from Campingsurvival.com.  This paracord is DOD approved, passing all government quality control and inspection requirements.  550 paracord is made by taking seven two ply threads of nylon and wrapping them in a shell braided from 32 nylon strands.  This construction gives the paracord a  tensile strength of 550 pounds, and is also mildew and rot resistant.   The nylon holds up well in UV radiation, and the colorants add an extra element of UV inhibitors as well.    Everything eventually breaks down in sunlight, over time, if left in direct sunlight the cord will lose strength and fade, but overall the cord holds up very well to UV exposure.  A quote from the manufacturer reads

“We sell you (& have always sold you) 550 Paracord which is the commercial version of the mil-spec Mil-C-5040 cord. Your 100’ & 50’ coil label refers to it as “military style”- which is a common description, but can be miss-interpreted. We also make the mil-spec cord & make it to the military spec & sell most of that to the military. However, some of it is also sold in the commercial market. It also tests 550 lbs, but is made from more expensive yarns & therefore is a higher priced item. When we are selling either, we always clearly label it either 550 Cord or Mil-C-5040 Cord.  This is a problem that is not limited to just us. This confusion is experienced by all of our competitors that make either of the cords too. The real shame is that not all of our competitors produce a quality commercial cord that tests 550 lbs. Some use inferior raw materials & just try to undersell everyone else.”

The Buckle on the Belt uses a 100% Brass “Square Heel Bar Buckle” , “Round Heel Bar Buckle” or a “Nickel Plated Roller Buckle” from Tandy Leather Factory, and these buckles are 100% Solid Brass or Nickel Plated.  These are not some cheap metal with a brass finish; these are the real deal, and high quality.  I hadn’t seen real brass since I had been in the Marine Corps, and it brought  back some memories, but thankfully these belts aren’t up for a commanders inspection so you don’t need to polish them if you don’t want to!  There is some play in the prong of the belt buckle but this is good because it will feed into the weaves of the paracord more readily with the play.  I never had any issue with the prong becoming undone or loosening once.

The belts can come in with a multiple of colors such as


Coyote Brown

OD Green

Multi Cam


White Blue


Blaze orange.

He will also do special orders for a solid color or any combo of three colors, whatever you wish.

One of the awesome things about ridge runner belts is that they will take silver coin at the rate of $1 for nickel plated or $1.20 for brass and shipping is free if you pay in Silver!

Ridgerunner also has a product guarantee on his website as follows:

“If you ever have a problem with your belt caused by normal usage, I will repair or replace it free of charge. Also, if you ever have to use the paracord in your belt in an emergency situation, send me the buckle and tell me your story and I will make a new belt for you”

This is a cottage industry home business, Bill Watson doesn’t have hundreds of people weaving these in a factory sold to you at a huge profit, and this is his own money and time that he spends on each of these belts.  I would very highly recommend to you, to buy these belts, these are high quality and come with a guarantee, not a highly loopholed system like you get at the box store sportsmen’s shops, this is in the school of old, a man’s word and his guarantee.  I believe and trust it, so should you.





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  1. Also there is a special deal for members of my site so if you are one contact me and if not come and sign up!

  2. christie says:

    Hello, I ordered a dog collar and lead from Ridgerunner Belts and I’m very happy with it. With it being made of paracord it very strong, I have a 100lb Lab and Shep mix and he is a very strong big whole likes to drag me around. I have bought lots of collars and leads in the past, but nothing like this, it’s great. It looks great on him, I chose Brown and Royal Blue for my collars. The order was made in a fast time and the size was right on. I’m going to be ordering more collars and matching leads for friends and family for their pets. Not many people think of this use their pets for this.
    Christie and Bosco

    • Great Northern Prepper says:

      Christie glad to hear that you are enjoying your paracord collars and leads, they are a great product! Thanks for helping out a small business as well!

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