Solar/Lunar Herbal Infusions

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So Ive spoken about Herbal Infusions before when making tea, but here is a easy and natural method for doing this.



Rose petals, fireweed, spruce tips, chamomile, dandelion, golden rod flowers and many more can be used to make a Solar Infusion.

A solar infusion is pretty simple using the energy and heat of the sun to infuse the beneficial nutrients and medicinal properties of the plant into the liquid for you to drink.


Step 1: Place fresh or dried herbs and water in a clear jar (open not closed, if insects are a problem use muslin cloth or similar to put over the top)

Step 2: Place jar in direct sunlight for several hours.  Allow the warm energy of the sun to gently heat the water, which releases fragrance and other attributes.

Step 3: After the few hours, strain our herbs or keep in and drink the Solar Infused Tea! Simple right?

The book spoke of using what you “feel is in tune” for the infusion but also offers a basic guide for those of us more nit picky.


1 tbl herbs to 1 up of water

4-6 tbl herbs to per 4 cups (1 liter) of water or 6 cup teapot.

For Fresh herbs, double amount given above


Lunar Infusion

This captures the reflective light given off the moon as well as the moons influence on water and ourselves from its gravitational pull to infuse the herbs.

Wild Sage, Chamomile, yarrow flower, labrador and other plants can be used.


Step 1: Place fresh or dried herbs (can see above for rough guestimations used for solar infusions) in a clear glass jar.

Step 2: Leave outside overnight (as stated above you can use muslin cloth to keep bugs out of it, if bugs are not an issue, keep open)

Step 3: DRINK!



For both of these infusions they mention and i repeat some of the names of the different teas to use for each, for the most part ANY TEA can be made with both or either of these, so whatever you have in mind do it! See what works, if you want to add more, add less, add in addition, etc.!

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the boreal herbal

These recipes come from the book THE BOREAL HERBAL by Beverley Gray, You can find it on Amazon or look at your local bookstores! An excellent book for Northern Medicinal Plant use

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